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Amazon is a multinational e-commerce company. They’ve been in business for over two decades and they’re also the largest retailer in the world. In 2017, Amazon had sales of around $ 178 billion.

Section topic: What is Amazon Prime?

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Amazon Prime is a membership program that gives customers access to free shipping on certain items and access to other benefits such as video streaming and music streaming. They have different types of memberships, such as B. an annual membership or a monthly membership.

1. Who is complaining about Amazon?

Amazon is a multinational company that offers its services in many countries. It has been criticized by its customers for taking too long to respond to their complaints and often receiving ready-made responses in return.

2. What are the complaints about Amazon?

Amazon is one of the most popular online retailers. The company offers customer service via email and phone. While the company has many satisfied customers, there are many who complain about their service.

There are two main complaints about Amazon customer service:

-The time it takes to reply to emails;

-The lack of contact information on their website

Below are some examples of complaints against Amazon:

-Numerous people complain about the time it takes Amazon representatives to reply to emails;

-People who complain that they don’t have contact information on their website;

Complaints that when you call the company, you cannot reach an agent or they don’t answer.

3. Why are people complaining about Amazon?

Lots of people have a problem with the company. And some of them complain on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and so on. Here are the reasons for complaints against Amazon.

People feel that Amazon is not holding its customers accountable in a number of ways, from customer service to pricing and availability.

Many customers are frustrated with Amazon’s lack of transparency when trying to track down delivery status, hidden fees, and refund policies.

The company has also been criticized for its lack of diversity in its workforce, as well as the way it treats its employees.

4. How can you complain against Amazon in Austria?

Amazon’s customer support team in Austria can be reached by email, phone, live chat and social media.

Amazon customer service in Austria can be reached by email, phone, live chat and social media. You can also use the contact form on their website to get in touch with them.


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